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We are working very hard to bring all our flavors and presentations to you. And YES, we use 100% Natural Fruits! 

We use Natural Fruit in order to process our 100% Natural Pulp Fruit (We are not from Concentrate).

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Process and Packaging


It all begins at the orchards using top quality crops. The Fruit enters a storage facility and its placed directly into an industrial wash tub (agitation, water and air), and then proceeds to a band that separates the unfit or beaten fruit to be discarded. Next, the fruit goes into the pitter, hammer and pulping mills. At this stage, the fruit separates from the peel and seed. The pulp passes enzyme deactivation to prevent from browning, and then goes to the refiner and pin mills which is now ready for the pasteurization process.


The Pulp is subjected to a temperature increase for a specified time to ensure pasteurization and then cooled down at room temperature in the aseptic packing area. The pulp is packed in aseptic bags of 200kg and stored in drums at room temperature without loosing its characteristics of natural fruit pulp. The storage time is 12 months which always ensures the use of fresh pulp until the next fruit harvest.




Once we have the pulp we proceed to the packaging. The beverage and packaging materials are placed in a sterile chamber that is free of environment pollutants, this is done by maintaining a hot air environment at 135 C at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. This ensures the product is of the highest sanitary standards and kept in the airtight containers.


The final mix is pasteurized again and once its packaged then its placed in quarantine to verify its quality. The packaging is done at high vacuum process to guarantee the quality and durability of the product until the time of consumption. We use Tetra-Pack, Can, Pet and Glass to to satisfy the different niches in the market.

All these processes are combined to achieve a sterile product with a long shelf life without refrigeration until the final consumer opens the container.




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